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This is a collection of poems that emphasize the feelings you feel, as life comes with both the good and bad. The love that entwines your fragile hearts. The love that puts your wisdom to sleep. The hope that lies underneath the pain, slowly breathing. The bonds that live through the hardships. The promises carried by the soul. The scars left by betrayal. The wounds healed by compassion. The relationships built on trust and integrity. The persistence of the pain suffocating the soul. The prowess of love.
The affinity of hate. Some of them, were developed exclusively from my real life incidents. Some of them, were imagined and adapted into poems, with some attached story. I hope you enjoy them, feel them, and bond to them. Descriptions for poems are added, so that you can relate to the poems well. The first section has poems. The next section has heart talk. The final section, contains the story version of two poems. Cheers. Hope you like them. Heart talks, are made in a way to help comfort you when you are broken or
to accompany you with the sorrow, you are into.


I strung together the words and feelings that resonated deep
within me, from time to time, to end up with this book.
Poetry has the guts to speak of the things, that can never be
spoken. Poetry is honest, being the shimmering light that
condemns and rises over all of the fabricated lies. Poetry fights
and gives love the respect and adoration, it deserves.
I believe that, if it weren’t for poetry, there would be nothing that appreciated the art and beauty that remains in this world. Love, which is not felt deeply is a disgrace to the fairytale that love is.
From first kisses to parting with death, emotions calibrate to
different degrees and we fail to glorify the rawness in each
emotion, as we watch them slide away unacknowledged from
our fast moving lives.
Pain – Have a knife shoved down your throat and feel every inch of pain suffocate you, as you bleed towards strength.
Love – Put the world on hold, fall back into the moment and feel the slightest of nuances in slow motion.
This is more of a happy book with its elements of sadness. I
hope you love reading it as much I loved writing it. Read the
descriptions only if you don’t understand the poem. Cheers x


Whenever I feel broken, I go up to the terrace and spend time
with the moon. I lay on my back, and look up into the night sky. I always felt an immediate and genuine connection with the moon. I would spiral out of the world and reach a different space. At that instant, the demons fleeting around me all the time would go away and everything would fall silent. Then, I would write. This is how I wrote most of this book; surrounded by darkness, talking to the moon.

This book makes the third and final instalment of my first
book series ‘Winsome whispers of a lissome soul’. The
book tries to explore the nature of love and the mystery that is
life. It talks about the verve of hope and the power of despair in breaking and making a person.
The covers of the book series ‘Winsome whispers of a
lissome soul’ go from deeper to lighter shades of colour. Because thematically, the first book had a dark undertone overall, expressing how dreams prevail through the darkness and nights. The second book had a more loving outlook comparatively, quoting the warmth in the intimacy of love, that how even a flicker of love can be enough to light up a wholly darkened shell. The third book comprises the break of dawn, the morning that comes to the moons and souls grappled by darkness, their ceaseless rebellion finally bringing them to the light of day they’ve always longed for. Welcome to the third part which happens to be the daylight version of winsome whispers of a lissome soul.

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Winsome whispers of a lissome soul – Part 2 (Paperback in India)

Winsome whispers of a lissome soul – Part 3