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You get very close to someone and you break apart into something, worser than strangers. While casual relationships, they are unthreatened. So is the intensity of love, the mistake? With years of trust and love, here you are, despising the very existence of that person, you once adored. So is the cherishing of bonds, the fault? Time is both good and evil. She destroys bonds, like a wildfire ambushing the beautiful greenery. She, then heals the hurt with the days, by drowning the memories to death, slowly. But do the feelings
you dearly instilled for that person, have to really go away?

But wait. You fought for your bond, right? You wanted to protect it, right? And you tried your best, right? Now you’re in a state, that everything about that person hurts you. Let me take you to the other person’s heart. They’re feeling the exact same way. Both of you are exhausted. You just want to escape
this torturing pool of emotions, while fate stands right beside you, waiting to seal the fate of your relationship.

But wait. Both of you aren’t foes. Reminisce the many times, you held each other, from falling apart. The many times, you genuinely cared about each other. So why do I feel this
bitterness, you may ask me. Fate is a master, who pricks in needles to test the contour of every love, she admires. She checks the integrity of every bond deeply etched. She, then sits back, and watches everything unfold.

But wait. Fate isn’t your foe, either. She is brutal, but rewarding. She will shove knives through you, menacingly and if you survive. She will make you feel proud of your scars.

So reach out for each other’s hearts, not each other’s throats, for it’s not a
bad relationship, but just a bad time. And if you could endure
all of it, and reach the other side, together. Fate will stand
smiling at both of you, with raised hands and humility. She
will reward your great bond, with forever. And that is why,
forever is rare. And that is why, forever is special.

– Shane


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