Mind and Heart

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Mind and Heart

Two people.
He, full of pride and joy.
She, full of love and compassion.
He is strong, and she, weak.
He is wiser and understands the clichés of life.
But she is a silent whisperer, pushing up faith to the tougher
one. She believes in fairytale notions, whereas he laughs as if
all of it is fiction. He could rip apart things that harm her, but
empathises with her feelings. Because she would break down
before him, later on, after he had revolted. He is a true lover.
While she sobs, he scorns her for embarrassing him. But still,
doesn’t brush her to the shade of the world. Because he adores
the crybaby; of everything manipulative, she’s still naive and
real. When someone denies her, she goes numb. The next
moment, he goes insane. He rampages and ravages everything
in the calamity. When someone loves her, he lets her stand
upfront and admires her radiate from a distance. That was it
for him. That was it; watching her smile. He lives to give her,
the best. Because he was born to protect her. He, is my mind
and she, my heart. Perhaps this is what true love looks like.

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