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The world has two important groups of people – academics and artists. Academics have everything to do with intellect. Artists have everything to do with emotion. Art adds layers to the beauty of the world. A scholar strives to sustain that beauty and enhance the quality of life. Imagine if every human being with an artist in him, doubts his chances of success and gives up. The world would be a really dry place. There’ll be no music, movies, books, art and et cetera. Life would be so languid with no electricity. Imagine if every human being with a scholar in him, gets fed up of the stress he has to put up with and quits his job. The world would be a really primitive place. There’ll be no engineers, doctors, scientists and et cetera. Life would be so dreadful with no technology and medicine. A pandemic would wipe the whole human race into extinction.

A scholar comes back home, switches on the television, listens to music, reads a book after a long hard day. An artist is taking care of the scholar here, making him feel at home, allowing him to consume his art, translating the soul of his universe into the reciever’s soul. An engineer tries to learn to love unconditionally after understanding the purity of love from a love poem. A doctor calms his nerves after a tough work day falling back to bed and listening to a piece of good music. A scientist failing with his experiments, gets motivated to work harder after reading a book, where the lead character finally reaches his dreams or watching a movie, where the protagonist finds success after a lot of struggle. The art that helps scholars comes from artists living in a mystical place constituting both soul and the cosmos, imbibing from the essence of the universe, creating and sending off their respective art forms into the world. They’re the secret guardian angels that heal and decorate everything, presenting love with its nuances and life with its embellishments from their little nests.

An artist works, wandering off for a long time into his creative space, priming his mind to enhance his craft with the assistance of technology. A doctor helps an artist returning his mind to optimum function whenever he’s feeling sick. A scholar is taking care of the artist here, removing the boulders that seem to be blocking his creativity, the illness that seems to be ravaging his mind. A writer who is paralysed is made to write, allowing his mind to communicate with a computer. A musician who has lost his limbs to an accident is given another chance to make music, with the help of prosthetic limbs. A filmmaker who isn’t able create the grandeur that his mind pictures is provided with equipments to draw his vision. The scholars that help artists create come from labs and classrooms, studying the methods of preserving and enhancing life in the world. They’re the governors of the earth, protecting and enhancing the ecosystem and the angels that make their home a lot more beautiful.

This is the balance of the universe. Every human being is born with the seeds of an academic or an artist, one sustaining life and another beautifying it.

The balance,

– Shane

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