A friendship in a million years

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A friendship in a million years

Do you remember?
There were people all over the place,
But we had that one real bond,
Miles apart for a while now,
Pal, you were my shoulder of strength.

Do you remember?
The last night riding along that road,
You scorned me for my innocence,
But it never made sense then,
Pal, you are the brother I never had.

We’ve seen our spirits lurking within,
Blood surging through my veins,
Brother, you’ve seen me bleed,
As the rest believed in my smile.

Time has its way of sucking out bonds,
The cry of those little puppies,
Wailing loud across the street,
To grieve their dead mother,
But we’ll let time feel it is in vain.

Walking down the aisle,
People shall hug me with grudges,
Some arms would entwine me,
But only to smother me later.

Lately I’ve been searching for pieces of you,
Beneath the people I meet,
But you aren’t smirking at my scars,
You shan’t let the rain drown me,
You shall despise all odds,
Maybe there’s nothing like us.

If fate has to put the world against you,
I shall fight beside you,
Pal, I’ve realised,
Even if I lived a million years,
I shall never find a friend like you.

– Shane

Video adaptation of the poem – https://youtu.be/tL_7EjDj-G0

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