A Pigeon’s letter

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A Pigeon’s letter

They greet with a smile that ceased, shovelling a million words,
He glanced as her ponytailed hair, juggled with the breeze,
She adored the way his eyes, rioted to the sound of her voice,
He was a wallflower and she, a lullaby lover.

They sat on the park bench, holding hands, beside a meadow,
The birds watched, as they settled for an unusual calm,
The trees swayed, gently, caressing to the mood of the wind,
He held back his soul’s cry to see her laugh,
Giggling at his sweet charm, she was blushing at her secret love.

The place was lit, shining like a heavenly abode,
They bid farewell with a smile that ceased, shovelling a million words,
My pigeons grew silent, hypnotised by love’s overwhelming presence,
The trees felt love that day, but not them,
For they always looked into each other’s eyes,
But never beneath their guise.

– Shane

Video adaptation for the poem – https://youtu.be/g3B9p3aF-7U

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