Angels are real,

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Angels are real

Angels are real,

The concept of time got lost in my world, like it’s some supernatural occurrence,
The moment I looked into your eyes,
The kind of beauty that makes and breaks a heart,
My heart dropped in elated disbelief, soul leapt into the euphoric trance you’d opened up for me,
With that kind of smile that somehow seals the cracks of a broken heart,
She’s an abode of cuteness that inspires masterpieces of art and creates artists,
The kind of pretty that is intimidating that it melts my resolve to be anything for her,
And protect her at all costs, for she’s a saviour,
With her graceful light so bright that it burns away all the darkness I’d hoarded in a second,
Starting a blissful melody that held hands with my melancholic state of mind returning to me my romantic spirit,
And I’m rearranged as a happy guy bubbling with joy without a care for anything else in the world,
A hopeless romantic lost in the universe of her angelic face,
Talking poetry, feeling good about life, finding hope and happiness, flushed, overcome with emotion,
Touched by the gaze of an enchantress, weaving a tale of paradise, easing my qualms and pleasing my senses,
Angels are real, and they visit when you least expect them, and this is what they do, becoming the poison and the cure.

– Shane


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