As I kiss you

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As I kiss you

As I kiss you, at the wake of the morning,
My hands hold your cheeks, tender,
Your warm breaths are let to fall,
Into the reeked places of my crushed soul,
Beautifully uplifting and decorating them,
I shall whisper into your ears, with unusual clarity,
That I truly love you,
While I pull you closer.

As you smile at the end of the kiss,
The taste of your lips never fail,
To seduce me into the ecstasies of bliss,
And then your voice clearly slips into me,
Like sweet river running to a valley at death,
I shall pinch your nose, expecting another blush,
To break into a smile,
While you turn away.

As I stroke your hair at midnight, before you fall asleep,
You chortle at me, with teeth showing,
Spoiling this young boy’s heart, one more time,
Lost in the innocence, moulding your cute face,
Wonderfully drowning into the depths of you,
I shall kiss you good night, after I promise,
Happiness and serenity in my arms, always,
While you peacefully sleep.

– Shane


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