Christmas Poems – Christmas is here

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Christmas Poems - Christmas is here

Looking for Christmas poems to feel the spirit of this time of the year? Here’s my poem to inspire the message of Christmas.

Christmas Poems – Christmas is here

The crafted stars besiege little homes to mansions, sharing shreds of their almighty glow,
The singing carols melodise across the streets, sprinkling heaps of their heartfelt love,
All of the lights twinkle elated at the dark sky, whispering about this time of snow,
All of the little sparklers chorus with screeches high, amassing the festive flow.

A surge of happiness rebound to the broken faces, as they smile into the stars,
A kiss of faith prevails within the singing voices, as they silence the distraught wars,
A ray of hope lights into the lost spirits, as they promise the start of good times,
A phase of redemption ignites the sinner’s lives, as they crave the purity of minds.

Christmas is here; the trees are lamped and the cribs are built,
Christmas is here; the beautiful night, amidst billions of soaring lights,
Merry Christmas! the bells are rung,
Merry Christmas! the songs are sung,
Merry Christmas! the darkness is gone,
Merry Christmas! the baby boy is born.

Christmas is here

– Shane

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