Death note

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Death note

Kill me with your scathing knife,
Punish me for my love and take my life!
Reap no mercy, if I cry out in despair,
For it may tend the mortal, to clutch for survival.

I may stumble, and I may stagger in the fading space,
But you stay steady, wielding your despising gaze,
Heave no pity, as blood stains bind onto your trembling hands,
For it chases you toward penance, to repent your committed sins.

But do only this for me,
Bury me once in your arms, before you bury me, underneath,
And I will be glad with glassy eyes, holding your picture.

But do only this for me,
Carry me to death, mourning like a lover,
Amid the red mud scavenging, like a bloodthirsty vulture,
I will lay content, a smiling sculpture,
And don’t you worry,
I will tell no one.

Death note,
– Shane

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