Desperate for love

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Desperate for love

He has been trembling recently, his senses beyond reach,
The loud laudable lad prefers loneliness now, his angels and demons begin to preach,
He has been losing his self, his sanity at a breach,
Blood-drained and soul-sucked, he lies writhing, victimised by his mental leech.

The sound of a cannon whirring into the ears, with her voice lisping; he has been consumed,
He hears only noises of people speaking to him; for his thoughts are biased,
He suddenly notices dragonflies swarming ahead of him, getting out of his stupors; while they were there the
whole time,
He slowly steeps downhill, and he shan’t ever rise up again, every time he perceives her mellow chime.

A striking shrill into the spine or the pain of a sweet death; how do I say it?
Her lips curve from afar and his face is already fully lit,
He could be suicidal for her love; be a psychopath to have her; that love unto him, she has knit,
The world around, judges him in a devouring silence, fearing and pitying his grit.

His eyes flooded and moist; he holds back words to stop from crying out aloud,
His throat runs dry and wry; the pressure and pain, too much to hold,
Coyly, he is harmless and petite, before the likes of the other
couples in the room,
For each of their love suffer faults, but not his; he is desperate for love,
The kind of love that upholds love’s divinity, over dignity, over pride and over life.

– Shane

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