I will follow you blindly

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I will follow you blindly

I will follow you blindly,
I will close my eyes,
Be with this darkness if it means being with you,
I’d be taken for a fool, for holding your hand,
A bloke that lives in the shadows, dangerously and illicitly,
To take me wherever you want to,
In this world of criminals and monsters,
Where the strong prey on the weak when they get the chance,
But I felt no threat of danger in your presence, despite alarms of suspicion about you,
To scare my love for you into hiding, to run to greener pastures,
Like vultures waiting for the lights to go out in your eyes,
I could sense evil when I’m in its vicinity,
I could sense ulterior motives when I’m manipulated,
But I see your cold eyes come alive when you touch me,
I feel your mechanical heart become that of a young boy so in love when it beats around me,
Love makes me see the shining light behind your obsessive and paranoiac sense of duty.

I will follow you blindly,
I will close my eyes,
Be your accomplice when you lay siege upon hell’s most wicked,
I’d be pitied for being clueless, for never giving up on you,
A guy that can’t keep promises, and has to leave when I want to cuddle,
To be the love of my life,
Among suitors in shiny leather jackets,
Where romance is date nights and parties while we just have time to touch and disappear,
But I knew that you were trying your best every step along the way,
To come out through to the other side to me to love me the way you’d always wanted to,
Like when the blade grazed my neck to claim my life that I’d sworn for you,
I could sense your heart breaking, strength collapsing, regret mounting,
I could sense that you’d have traded your duty for our love in a heartbeat in that minute if you could have,
To live and die as foolish young lovers happily without a care for what revolves around them,
Away from the meaninglessness of treachery and rage and power that befell us,
But it was too late because hatred had already grappled me as the love it would devour today,
And I didn’t know what I was dying for, but I was happy that I was dying for you.

I close my eyes,
I’m used to this darkness, thanks to your way of loving,
And I wait for you to come home to me eventually like you always do, to the other side where our love can finally have a safe haven,
Where we can leave our shoes at the door, throw our phones out the window, and be just us.

I will follow you blindly,

– Shane

Amar x Gayathri,
(This piece has been written based on the love story of Amar and Gayathri in Vikram, the movie)

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