Love in a marriage

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Love in a marriage

love in a marriage is not all love,
love in a marriage is love and pain,
because when she’s carrying your child,
love changes from pleasure to commitment,
you’ll share the pain to make it easy for her,
your soul by impulse, would throw your body infront if someone were to throw a knife at her,
that is the spectacular evolution of love,
love probably introduced her to you as a girl you couldn’t keep your eyes off of,
you probably fell for her looks or personality, pursuing her for your own happiness,
you probably wanted to hug her, kiss her and take her on a date; the whole thing only done because it kept you in a spell of bliss,
love is an exhilarating visitor, aboard with the most important philosophy,
for soon she makes you sacrifice your joys for her, delivering you a special kind of satisfaction from that,
she’d strangle you with a lot of burden, while you’d gladly take the shackles for her,
love presents herself as a selfish emotion, but turns out to be the most selfless emotion,
as she goes through her phases,
i see no other emotion that makes you want to put someone else’s well being ahead of yours,
to make you take the beating to keep someone safe,
love is a preacher, my friend,
setting the example, as all of the earth people had become cynical with their views,
because your love for her, makes your pain feel like sweet sugar, as though it is some interesting form of pleasure.

– Shane

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