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Our swords gazing,
At the sun so blazing,
Oh my friend, the day has finally come.
Our eyes gorged with passion,
For we shared the same dream,
Oh my friend, our pain wasn’t in vain.

Glancing at the enemy horde, pumping fists,
All of a sudden, all my might burned out of sight,
As your steel pierced through my ribs.
Stumbling and gasping, I fell on cold arms,
Startled by the stare of your wicked eyes,
Glimpses of the past made me sober,
Oh my friend, betrayal let me waver.

Heart beats though my soul turned numb,
By all that mattered and our bonds in tatters,
Been dead a while with my last words held hostage,
“Oh my beloved friend, all my life had been a mirage”.

– Shane

Video adaptation of the poem – https://youtu.be/k3E-H6ZLpbchttps://youtu.be/k3E-H6ZLpbc

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