Scrolls of despair

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Scrolls of despair

You seek the beauty of pearls and diamonds,
When all you have is a smile to wear,
Now, with diamonds around your sleeve armouring your
You envy the happy people in their shabby attire.

You see pale faces meet after a deep slumber,
Laying beside, they exchange tales of honour and valour,
The giant crooked clock had to twirl so fast,
Sunsets later, the sand bed lays empty,
They were friends that fell for the test of time.

Feeble hopes bloom in your mind amidst clouds of desperation,
Pursuing a love that knows no wits,
You hold hands and promise eternity,
As your spirits find their dwelling wish,
You set the very love in flames of anguish.

A void life held by infinite desires of curious eyes,
You seek riches, until you’re rich,
You worship friendship, until you make a pal,
You crave for love, until you’re loved,
Finally banishing the gifts, that you once longed for,
You chisel unsatisfied for more, as your blessings rot like spoils of war.

You silly being!
The moment, death kisses your soul,
Breathing heavily, while you reminisce your lost dreams,
Life is all that you will desire.

– Shane

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