That day, I held her hand

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That day, I held her hand

That day, I held her hand, and didn’t want to let go,
Then we scribbled on the sand, our names,
And the ocean wave, carried our promise,
As she went back to the shore, and as we parted ways.

Lost were we, with the running years,
Cut by life, into separate souls,
I walked away, and she walked her way,
For mankind is finite, shattered by the tenacious world.

Not like the star; that promises the shine,
Not like the ocean; that promises the tide,
Not like the moon; that promises the night,
Not like the sun; that promises the light.

As we both exhaust, at life,
We come back to the shore,
But never to meet,
And the water, climbs, over our faces,
As the warm sea, run down our ears,
The loyal ocean, carried her promise,
That day, I held her hand,
And never let go.

That day, I held her hand,
– Shane

Shall I join you?

We simply make promises, don’t we? We are fragile creatures. We are not faithful as the sun, moon, the stars or the ocean. For they have kept their promises from the beginning of time. Maybe that is why we are mortal, and less fascinating.

Two lovers make a promise by the seashore , and write their names on the shore. The sea watches everything, and carries their promise. The lovers part with time and forget the love they had for each other. They drift into separate families and grow older. They coincidentally meet each other in the same beach, as the ocean engulfs them. Gasping for breaths, they clench each other’s hands to survive. They smile at each other, in their old wrinkled faces. The feelings, shimmer in both of their eyes, again, and they never let go of each other, from then. Because the ocean carries them to her home. The loyal ocean carried her promise.

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