Under the sheets

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Under the sheets

I don’t recognise me, in this thumping desperation, anymore,
The curtain has fallen down and the show has ended,
I hate the look in these eyes, like they aren’t mine, anymore,
The baton has been dropped and I, surrounded.

Fists give in, unwilling to fight and feet wanting to run away,
But where will they run; so they stay,
Love heaves in, tending the hollow, during the day,
But even love not enough; leaving me astray.

Slash away the writhing flesh and take me in a flash,
For the noises are excruciating and I’m turning cold,
Alleviate the horrendous clouding and drive me to the finish,
For the desolation is mounting and I’m losing ground.

Before I choke,
Help me fall asleep,
Give me a lullaby.

Before I explode,
Wake me up, again,
When all of this is past.

– Shane

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