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You are you for a reason. Don’t fight it. Embrace it. Every human being is built with a different structure, and have
inherent affinities to different things. When your soul tells you that this is what it loves, allow it to go after it, because the happiness that comes through that is rare and cannot be
replaced by anything else. If you’re passionate towards something but you think that you don’t have what it takes, it’s fine. When you love something so much, you’ll surely get better than most at it, even if you suck at it now. Because, there is a thing about the human soul – it never gets exhausted chasing what it loves. It will show you what you are capable of. Don’t hold it with a leash. Let it wander. Don’t worry that you’ll get lost, trust me, it’ll be worth the adventure. The most wonderful thing about passion is that, with everything else, you achieve gratification only when you get money or a materialistic outcome out of it, but with passion, the journey or the pursuit is the most beautiful. Therefore, even if you don’t receive accolades or worldly recognition, your soul will be content. So don’t grade your passion with the probability of success you can expect out of it. Success is not the bringer of joy when it comes to passion.
Because the pursuit, the process of growing up with what you love beats the high of having a million dollars in your bank account.

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