Thoughts on Interabled couples and relationships

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True love


On a serious note, most of us are shallow on some level. I envy people who have the heart to marry burn victims, people confined to wheelchairs, people who are highly incapacitated, etc., because they’d loved them. The amount of love and sacrifice it must take to choose to live a really hard life to be with the one you love should be monumental. They don’t need our sympathies because they’ll have a much happier and contented life than we’ll ever have. Because their lives grow on the kind of love that is absolute, that built the universe, that can beat all odds single-handedly, that only gets stronger and more powerful with time, and our loves grow resting and depending on the crutches of looks, money and social status. It’s not that we won’t find love, we will find our little flickering versions of love, but we’ll never feel and achieve the real deal, true love.

– Shane

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