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We have the first inner circle of family/few friends. We have a second inner circle of some friends/relatives. We have a third outer circle of many friends/people we just know. All these circles would count up to make between 50 to 500 people, depending on how influential, popular and extroverted you are. Every person has these circles and every person responsible for their circles cheer for the elites, superstars and celebrities who might never know them. I don’t mean it is bad to cheer for your favorite leaders/artists/scientists etc. Feel free to do it from time to time when you’re really feeling it. I mean they already have it in excess and you cheering would not matter that much to them. You would be just another voice in the crowd. You would be one among the million messages in their inbox that they’re never going to see. It is like giving to billionaires who have riches that are in vain no matter how lavish a lifestyle they choose to lead, when you and so many of your neighbors live in poverty. Instead if we feed our circles with some of all the unnoticed love we throw around passionately, we’d lift each other up, we’d be a part of success stories of people we’ve known, touched, laughed and hung out with, and we’d grow as a circle, and we’d all be rich and valued and cherished for what we are worth.

– Shane

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