The beautiful home in social media

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Isn’t it sad that most of us will keep reading each other’s statuses like morning newspapers curious enough to know but not serious enough to care till the end of our lives and most of our social media groups will barely be alive as we make new friends and with newer groups, older groups will keep piling down dead just like our unfed connections and the only time the groups will be active is for exchanges of congratulations and thank you’s until after so long someday the groups will start popping messages out of the blue when one of your classmates, old friends, family or relatives die and everyone goes into nostalgia mode for two days and start wondering why we never stayed in touch (this is really the state of most 60+ adult groups).

Although it is a bit heartbreaking, atleast the people living in this time have the privilege to be connected at all times virtually and it is a privilege we don’t take seriously. Whenever you’re feeling like it, drop messages in your groups, start conversations, share content that you liked if you don’t have anything to say at the time you miss your people and an interaction might grow by itself. Maybe we should meet more often than just enjoying peeking at each other’s updates. We have the gift of being together while being apart that none of our ancestors had. Maybe we should all cherish that much more.

The family groups are like the front porches of the old houses we grew up in, chattering and celebrating the bond of a family. Everyone might have moved out of that old house now, but the group still represents the same without the furniture and the concrete settings. The school and college groups are our classrooms where we used to go out of our ways to chit-chat with our friends during lectures risking punishment and ironically now even with no teachers breathing down our necks, we don’t talk as much. For people who love each other, the virtual world offers hundreds of thousands of emojis and gifs to express feelings their bodies can’t visibly express. For people who once cared about each other, the virtual world bypasses the human ego trip that is the slayer of numerous friendships and relationships due to the hesitating and avoiding for the humiliation and rejection that can be a major slap on your ego happening face to face, wherein in this age the desperate and loving leanings of the heart from time to time can be met by an impulsive text message to that person without putting that much on the line and that can lead to fix what was broken. For people who share the same passions and aspirations and dreams and never were fortunate enough to ever co-exist in the same places, the virtual world makes them run into each other and brings them together, allows them to collaborate, to lift each other up surpassing all boundaries. For the problems of the real world, behind the enormous power of distribution of information and safety nets of the virtual world, everyone finally has the guts to speak up for what is right.

It is about time we start to see the beautiful home in social media.

– Shane

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