Heart on Fire

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Heart on Fire

Heart on Fire

Night lights fight his eyes,
Maybe he should’ve thought twice,
Though he couldn’t perish,
The love, he most cherished.

As he looked up,
All he saw was a piece of art,
She had those mystical eyes, point arrows to his heart,
She was his winter haze on a sunny day.

She had this smile,
That had chills running down his spine,
The world had a girl, just fine,
He had his angel, raring to fly.

Spellbound to her soul,
Drunk in her immaculate words,
He was lost in paradise,
She was everything he saw,
Humbled, like a seagull’s desperate caw,
The music, gently, fading sour,
Maybe she wasn’t his angel dressed in white.

The nightmare woke me up, whining under my roof,
A fairytale in the ruins,
But would I ever forget the look on your face?
Tears began to clog; my heart ached,
I shall write ‘the girl that set my heart on fire’,
A tear rolled down my cheek,
And withered the flames with itself,
But, maybe she’ll always burn deep within.

– Shane
© jacintoshane

Video adaptation of the poem – https://youtu.be/nLk8XQrWvzIhttps://youtu.be/nLk8XQrWvzI

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