My Beginner’s guide to Indian English Indie Music

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– Shane

It’s fun and exciting when you are surrounded by people who share the same interests and passions as you do and to be in a community of similar creatives. So I’d been following and engaging with many Indian English Indie musicians who’ve been inspiring and exciting me for some years now with their music. Music in India is dominated by film music that most of these artists are more famous internationally than they’re famous in India. So this list is for people who are fans of good music but haven’t had the privilege to know these artists since they haven’t had much media coverage and promotion from big production houses since they don’t do music in their regional languages. I have put this list together in a way that someone who listens and enjoys popular English music and artists can find something of their likeness in these Indian English Indie Musicians who are as good or sometimes even better and add them to their playlists. All of these are full time musicians and were making cover songs when I’d found them and now most of them are releasing their original music. I felt I owed it to this little community for keeping me company and inspiring me in my journey while I worked on my music that I wanted to share them with the people that know me.
I listen to all genres of music, some genres more often, depending on my mood, so here’s a pretty lame, gross categorisation of these artists based on how I relate to them as moods.

If you like lyrically flirty, playful pop music like that of Ariana Grande and Britney Spears,

You can check out,

Zoe Siddarth and Shuba,

If you like storytelling, intimate pop music like that of Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo,

You can check out,
Frizzell and Mali

If you like hopeless romantic, lovesick pop music like Ed Sheeran and Stephen Sanchez,

You can check out,
Sparsh Dangwal and Prateek Kuhad

If you like rebellious, awe-inspiring rock music such as the legendary acts like the Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd.

You can check out,
The Classic Kid Sid, Girish and the Chronicles

If you like eclectic, psychedelic, alternative rock music like that of Radiohead, Jefferson Airplane, Muse and Arcade Fire

You can check out
The F16s

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