The butterfly and the moth

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The butterfly and the moth

The butterfly and the moth,

The butterfly goes about amusing the onlookers with its pretty colours,
It dances around its courting flowers and its love is reciprocated in nectar,
The admirers trap it in a jar to enjoy its circus and keep its beauty to themselves,
The butterfly can never know if it’s loved for its beauty or its soul,
It’s not the butterfly’s fault that it’s a butterfly,
The moth goes about proposing its undying love to the shining lights that don’t care,
It desperately jumps and jives to prove that it’s worthy of love but to no avail,
The world is disgusted by it and its efforts get no praise,
The moth will never be cheered on because it isn’t pleasing on the eyes,
It’s not the moth’s fault that it’s a moth,
Life isn’t fair to both the moth and the butterfly,
The butterfly is pursued and picked apart and molested,
The moth is ignored and chased and killed.

– Shane


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